Meditations from the Mojave

Blank sky / empty and free / only in a distant blue / light streak break the vault / into winding branch /of those arms / reaching infinite / I am not dead here / there is life / scurry scurry / lizard creature / snake that rattles / soul of the desert / sweet dessert of west / we wait for you / always



More Poetry Cards!

This batch was fresh enough to hand out for the Mar Vista Art Walk (1 Year Anniversary!) and Art Bazaar last Thursday Night in the ‘hood.

Numbered 1-10. Crude. Candid. Free. Poetry. Art. Enjoy.

More to come…

– Nisi –




Poetry Cards by Nisi

I passed these little card-sized canvases out to fellow poets and listeners who attended Bukwoski Night with Philosopher Stone Poetry at Gravlax in Los Angeles earlier this month. It was fun night with high spirits, sharing our creativity and our souls.

More poetry cards to come! Thanks for the support.

♥ Nisi