Haiku Inspired by an Evening with Kaleo

We met these dudes from a blues-rock band named Kaleo with our friend Steve at the Old Man Bar in Culver City. We had a drink or two there, then headed over to our place and partied until the wee hours of the morning. They were super chill and we all had a great time.

They invited us to their show at the Wiltern in Mid-City last weekend. We showed up in time to watch the Mayweather vs McGregor fight with them in the green room. We hung for a bit then it was time for them to play. We went backstage to sneak a peak of the crowd. The place was packed. The anticipation was hard.

The bellowing blues bass lines and guitar riffs began, reverberating the entire space. The music rumbled my stomach, like the butterflies you get when visiting some place new. They rocked and rolled with powerful waves of sound and clean, poignant vocals. It was a great night. Hope to see them again soon.

♥ Nisi

Live Music Haiku at the blues rock band, Kaleo's show. Backstage at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, California | Nisi Poesy | Poetry and Creative Writing

Woodland Marvel

I creep through ancient forests,
decrepit, abandoned- nearly destroyed.

A dense fog lay beneath my shins,
I cannot see the forest floors.

Only a smoky grey ocean,
an unearthly mystic haze.

The morning barely sung,
newborn to a day of solitude.

Creatures nest, flourishing
where I cannot see but I can hear.

Now as dreams have clouded,
this morning is full of realists.

I hear crisp of leaves below
bare feet scratching the palms,

my toes reach hesitant for stepping.
I pull away from some hanging bones

and through the branches
I peek the rest of the world.

With a snake-lake gaze,
I see there [still] lays a strange

beauty in this wasteland,
something worth saving.



Plastic Tree Wishing (Wishing for Trees)

This poem was not written with this photograph in mind at all, but somehow the two have come together and I am okay with it. The poem speaks of the plastic feelings humans express when communicating with each other. Most people have such a hard time being real with one another, they would rather lie or put on a show than to reveal what they are feeling, or any truth at all.

The mannequin represents this plasticity in our relationships with each other, the government and the world in general. Perhaps we are all missing something that we never knew we had. If we could find what that is, then maybe we could learn to see each other as ourselves. If only the woods were closer…


Plastic Tree Wishing (Wishing for Trees) | Nisi Poesy | Poetry, Art & Adventures | Peggy Sue's Diner | Yermo, California | Poets of Pinterest

To the Future | The Story of Mankind

This is an excerpt / remix of a few lines from a poem I wrote several years ago, “To the Future”. This photo is from my recent shoot at the Noah Purifoy Outdoor Art Museum in Joshua Tree, California, taken with my Canon ae-1 program. The place is magical, and I have so many photos to share from my trips there. The full poem, “To the Future” can be read here. ♥ Nisi


To the Future | The Story of Mankind | Photo taken at the Noah Purifoy Outdoor Art Museum in Joshua Tree, CA with my Canon AE-1 program, March 2017.

Rocky Mountain Haikus & Photographs from Leadville & Frisco

These photos were taken last month in Colorado with my Canon AE-1 program. We stayed in Frisco and snowboarded at Copper Mountain during the USASA Nationals. We also celebrated my step-daughter’s 7th birthday. The top photo is from a trip we took to Leadville, to visit the rock shop there. The bottom photo was taken from Copper Mountain, looking towards Frisco. The haikus were written last weekend at Mammoth Mountain, reflecting on the whole thing.


Rocky Mountain Haikus & Photographs from Leadville & Frisco, Colorado, taken with my Canon AE-1 Program in April, 2017

We are Trees | Haiku & Photographs from Big Bear

Big Bear is the perfect getaway from Los Angeles, being only 2.5 hours from coast. There is a great peace hanging around and the trees seem to support the hymn of tranquility I feel in those woods. A sense of familiarity and belonging is overwhelming. The dogs run around, I take a deep breath to taste it all. ♥ Nisi

We are Trees | A haiku poem with photographs taken with my Canon ae-1 program in Big Bear, Spring 2017 | Nisi Poesy | Haiku poetry, travel photography, poets, poets of PInterest

Desert Art Haikus & Photographs from Noah Purifoy’s Outdoor Art Museum in Joshua Tree

One of my absolute favorite places to visit in the desert is an art gem located a few miles outside of Joshua Tree, down the dirt roads of Mojave desert land. I first learned about Noah Purifoy when my husband and I visited the Watts Towers in South L.A. Noah was one of the founders of the Watts Towers Arts Center, as well as a sociologist and artist, in his own right.

I then visited the LACMA 2 years ago with my friend, Vibha. A temporary exhibit called “Junk DADA” featured Noah Purifoy’s art pieces from his desert studies. Since then, we have visited the Noah Purifoy Outdoor Art Museum twice, and I have gotten some great shots with my Canon ae-1 program . The photographs, in turn, have provided some poetic inspiration. ♥ Nisi


Desert Art Haikus & Photographs from Noah Purifoy's Outdoor Art Museum | Nisi Poesy


Polychromatic Eventide

I posted this poem several months ago. I changed a line or two, and paired it with a photo I took with my LG G5 on a plane. It was last October and I had to attend one of my best friend’s memorial service. I flew from Los Angeles to Cleveland for the weekend, and I wrote this poem on the flight back home. I also read a poem I wrote on the way there, called “Erin Revisited” at the memorial. You can read it here. Thank you always for the inspiration, Erin.

♥ Nisi

Polychromatic Eventide, a poem by Denise "Nisi" Mckenzie | Nisi Poesy | A blog of original art and poetry by an aspiring poet in Los Angeles.

Simply Ornate

I took these photos at Dockweiler State Beach in Los Angeles a few months ago with my 35mm Canon AE-1 Program. I don’t remember what filmed I used. The text is from a refrigerator magnet poem. They sort of just came together.  ♥ Nisi


writing on the beach
Writing poetry at the beach has become a daily ritual.