We are Trees | Haiku & Photographs from Big Bear

Big Bear is the perfect getaway from Los Angeles, being only 2.5 hours from coast. There is a great peace hanging around and the trees seem to support the hymn of tranquility I feel in those woods. A sense of familiarity and belonging is overwhelming. The dogs run around, I take a deep breath to taste it all. ♥ Nisi

We are Trees | A haiku poem with photographs taken with my Canon ae-1 program in Big Bear, Spring 2017 | Nisi Poesy | Haiku poetry, travel photography, poets, poets of PInterest

Simply Ornate

I took these photos at Dockweiler State Beach in Los Angeles a few months ago with my 35mm Canon AE-1 Program. I don’t remember what filmed I used. The text is from a refrigerator magnet poem. They sort of just came together.  ♥ Nisi


writing on the beach
Writing poetry at the beach has become a daily ritual.

Balanced Rock – Moab, Utah

This past week my husband, my dog and I traveled to Colorado from Los Angeles. On the way back we stopped briefly to check out Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. When spent two hours there. We could have spent two weeks there, and not have seen or did everything.

It is a beautiful country we live in, and it is heartbreaking that these places of peace and inspiration are so fragile and people / politicians are so careless. We must cherish our national park systems and give back however we can. I am happy to be living in the western United States. Some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring places on earth are in my back yard. I seek them all.