Philosopher’s Stone Poetry: 2 Year Anniversary Reading

Last week was the 2 year anniversary reading with Philosopher’s Stone Poetry at Gravlax. We had a great lineup and a great crowd. There was poetry, music and libations!

It has been an honor to get to know the fellow poets and artists involved with Philosopher’s Stone Poetry. Thank you to Chase Maser, Sergio Cacciotti and Amanda Ortiz for putting together such a great group. I look forward to more awesomeness in the future.

Here are a few photos from the night, courtesy of Dan Wynick. Thank you everyone who has participated and keep writing! ♥ Nisi


CicLAvia to the Sea- Venice Beach, March 2017

The Mar Vista neighborhood was very pleased to host part of the route for “CicLAvia” to the Sea: Venice Beach. We readied ourselves as a festival-like street affair ensued. The neighborhood came together once again to showcase our artists, musicians, poets and community organizations.

Erika Lane Enggren and I set up our poetry station, using collage and typewriter poetry to create community poems themed around the event. The typewriter poem turned out wonderfully and flows well! The entire poem can be read here. The collage poem is a little more whimsical, and can be read here.

Here are some highlights of the day. Photos by Dan Wynick. Thank you all for supporting us and contributing! ♥ Nisi


March 20th Reading at Gravlax with PSpoets

March 20th Reading at Gravlax with PSpoets

Here are some highlights of our last poetry reading at Gravlax with Philosopher’s Stone Poetry on March 20th. Big thanks to our photographer, Dan Wynick, for shooting the event.

Lots of wonderful poets and musicians, a few first timers too! I remember my first time reading in front of people at Weed’s Bar in Chicago, several years ago. I was terrified. In fact, I still get nervous.

Cheers to all of those who brave the audience to spill their souls with words. There is truly nothing more personal to share than the creative ways our hearts sing to ourselves and the world. – Nisi ♥



A Poet’s Guide to the Bars by Kenneth Sonny Donato

This is the first book I bought when I moved to Los Angeles, almost 5 years ago. I thought it would come in handy. Since I have been reading in so many bars lately, I thought I would give it another read for inspiration.

“Unaware/ He offered his drink/ His last solitude/ Ice melting/ Blood brothers that drank hard/ With nothing in sight/ Just guys counting dreams/ Comrades in the night”


An Evening with The Billy Joseph Duo & PSpoets

Come to Molly Malone’s in WeHo tomorrow night for poetry and music! I am one of two featured poets, reading at 8-ish.

I may have to break out the odes to drinking, in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day. Cheers!

Billy J.jpg

new poetry cards!

Here and gone! These freshies found homes with poets and friends at yesterday’s reading @gravlax in Los Angeles. Thanks to Philosopher Stone Poetry for another great night! What a turn out. – Nisi – ♥


featured poem

Thank you, Philosopher’s Stone Poetry (Santa Monica, CA), for choosing my poem “earth-round” to feature on your website this month! I am quite honored. Can’t wait until the next reading. ♥ Nisi

Check it out on their website! —


In Which I Fantasize About Blowing Up This Place

Quick to criticize without solution
Broad ideas, narrow minds
Wander in delusion pools of
Occupancy, wonderful
While there is no vacancy
Threats remain and I do not care
Cut the leash and endure this
Yr fresh hardships without me please
No need to have me here when
Miserable technology fails
Blue circle watching
Becomes my full time job
I finished hours ago but
There is no end in sight unless
I cut the cord myself
Set it all free

©Nisi 2015.