Woodland Marvel

I creep through ancient forests,
decrepit, abandoned- nearly destroyed.

A dense fog lay beneath my shins,
I cannot see the forest floors.

Only a smoky grey ocean,
an unearthly mystic haze.

The morning barely sung,
newborn to a day of solitude.

Creatures nest, flourishing
where I cannot see but I can hear.

Now as dreams have clouded,
this morning is full of realists.

I hear crisp of leaves below
bare feet scratching the palms,

my toes reach hesitant for stepping.
I pull away from some hanging bones

and through the branches
I peek the rest of the world.

With a snake-lake gaze,
I see there [still] lays a strange

beauty in this wasteland,
something worth saving.



featured poem

Thank you, Philosopher’s Stone Poetry (Santa Monica, CA), for choosing my poem “earth-round” to feature on your website this month! I am quite honored. Can’t wait until the next reading. ♥ Nisi

Check it out on their website! — http://www.pspoets.org/


Dozy Times

Dream mad please,

better quick like

frantic worship

over what can be

cool drool mist,

smooth sordid chants.

As time whispers,

water will

reveal the storm.



“A Lucid Dream” on canvas with acrylic and oil.


dream/awake sequence

Bebop morning

sadness of football

chills downward spine

whip creamed coffee

cat scratches bed

but not my face

each day I own more

myself, I brave the outside

inside is still a curse

dreams vivid and obscure

red rocks, general stores

snow in distance

old trucks, older bathroom stalls

fall apart at the hinges

I am just trying to pee

buy beer, snacks and batteries

bogus bucks please accept

beyond that who knows



Dream after dream

I wake the same

Having dreamt beyond imagery

I feel the ice-cold chlorine

Surround me I push-swim

Wash over a massive pool

The richest blue

The most refreshing

I wake the same

Dream after dream

I crave

I long

I pine

The freshest fruit

The others are plane trips

Above water beyond our land

Places I learn about where

People I know live

Yet I am not convinced


Until this realm I walk

And I am a sacred tiger

Curious and accepting

Just as apocalypse dresses up

My prophetic eyelids flutter

And I pinch myself

Awake before it hits

Nuclear holocaust mist

Raining I move away from it

But I provide sentiment

Return with emojis

Of mushroom clouds.