Morning Light

On a day where the bed is a beautiful as the sky

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Sky Reflection

Photo taken with Canon ae-1 program in St. George, Utah. It was November, 2015.

Haikus inspired by that time we felt smaller than we were…




Summer | Venice Beach

The solstice arrived last night at 9:24 pm. In Los Angeles, we get somewhere nearly year round, but there is still something special about the solstice and the changing of the season. This poem is originally titled “Summer of ’16”. The photo was also taken some time last summer, with my Canon ae-1 program on one of our many trips down the street to Venice Beach. ♥ Nisi

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Wild Wanderer | Topanga Canyon Haiku

The day of our anniversary, we had planned a picnic (with basket and all!). We hopped in the car and drove up the Pacific Coast Highway, heading to Point Mugu, a few miles south of Oxnard. Unfortunately, the June Gloom failed to burn off, so we ended up going all the way to Oxnard to have a beer, and headed back down South. The weather was clearing near Malibu, but it was still hazy.

So, we decided to drive up to Topanga Canyon and have our picnic in the woods and wander around a bit to relieve our wanderlust. It was cute and delicious. I made everything from scratch, down to bread loaf. We had tuna salad, red potato salad and a sweet basil, mint, strawberry and watermelon salad.  We will definitely be doing this again soon. ♥ Nisi

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Plastic Tree Wishing (Wishing for Trees)

This poem was not written with this photograph in mind at all, but somehow the two have come together and I am okay with it. The poem speaks of the plastic feelings humans express when communicating with each other. Most people have such a hard time being real with one another, they would rather lie or put on a show than to reveal what they are feeling, or any truth at all.

The mannequin represents this plasticity in our relationships with each other, the government and the world in general. Perhaps we are all missing something that we never knew we had. If we could find what that is, then maybe we could learn to see each other as ourselves. If only the woods were closer…


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✒ 📷 ⛽ Old Gasoline Haiku | Photograph Taken at Lovell Market | Summer ’16

I visited home for the first time in nearly a decade last summer. I took my husband to show him where I grew up and we went to some of my old haunts. The Lovell Market just outside of Upper Sandusky on State Route 199 was my favorite place to get beef jerky.

They made it in house with cows they raised. Whatever their secret recipe was, it was amazing. I had no other like it. I loved it so much I had my mom to mail me some! Very salty, peppery, chewy, not greasy, just delicious. They also made bratwursts in house and served some epic pizza.

My mom told me the old owners sold the market, but they did not sell off their beef jerky recipe. So no one is actively making this amazing snack (as far as I know) and I am crushed. In any case, I snapped this photo of an old gas pump that sits outside using my Canon-ae 1 program, not sure what kind of film. The haiku was inspired by the photo. ♥ Nisi


✒ 📷 ⛽ Old Gasoline Haiku | Photograph Taken at Lovell Market | Summer '16