My Poem Evanesce & A Photograph of My Childhood Home

Fill the empty home with emerald trees
wide fields carrying birds, harboring all

Retain muggle thoughts, muggy blots at best
as they all tend to disappear with time

Piles of distraction on side of roadkill
scrape off miles away but old stains remain

Comforting as such, the yellow ones are
found filling in outlines of rectangles

Old frames with dead families now lost
at best confused about who they should be

Remember the SNES, how it
turned just like the walls, yellow in some spots

When the long cords unraveled blasting off
to Yoshi’s world, getting away from there

20/20 hindsight, stayed not much longer
grew up too fast when time is so short

6 years old and staying up so late so
I could greet them after a night of bars

Those summer nights, Ohio sky dead-stop
a humid, full home breathing 2nd hand

Nicotine stains, the birds fade in due course
leaving bits of tribute where possible

Good-bye lush trees, dancing fields of feather corn
watch you disappear into sapphire waves

Cerulean sky to greet what is left
a little bit of magic to pocket

Palm trees waving no flag like yellow gold
but there are bare walls to stain here too.

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Polychromatic Eventide

I posted this poem several months ago. I changed a line or two, and paired it with a photo I took with my LG G5 on a plane. It was last October and I had to attend one of my best friend’s memorial service. I flew from Los Angeles to Cleveland for the weekend, and I wrote this poem on the flight back home. I also read a poem I wrote on the way there, called “Erin Revisited” at the memorial. You can read it here. Thank you always for the inspiration, Erin.

♥ Nisi

Polychromatic Eventide, a poem by Denise "Nisi" Mckenzie | Nisi Poesy | A blog of original art and poetry by an aspiring poet in Los Angeles.

An Evening with The Billy Joseph Duo & PSpoets

Come to Molly Malone’s in WeHo tomorrow night for poetry and music! I am one of two featured poets, reading at 8-ish.

I may have to break out the odes to drinking, in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day. Cheers!

Billy J.jpg