Fool’s Paradise & Venice Beach

Photo taken with my InstaxMini8 at Venice Beach last summer. Read the entire poem here!

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Sky Reflection

Photo taken with Canon ae-1 program in St. George, Utah. It was November, 2015.

Haikus inspired by that time we felt smaller than we were…




Wild Wanderer | Topanga Canyon Haiku

The day of our anniversary, we had planned a picnic (with basket and all!). We hopped in the car and drove up the Pacific Coast Highway, heading to Point Mugu, a few miles south of Oxnard. Unfortunately, the June Gloom failed to burn off, so we ended up going all the way to Oxnard to have a beer, and headed back down South. The weather was clearing near Malibu, but it was still hazy.

So, we decided to drive up to Topanga Canyon and have our picnic in the woods and wander around a bit to relieve our wanderlust. It was cute and delicious. I made everything from scratch, down to bread loaf. We had tuna salad, red potato salad and a sweet basil, mint, strawberry and watermelon salad.  We will definitely be doing this again soon. ♥ Nisi

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Oh, jacaranda!

When I first moved to Los Angeles, I fell in love with the diverse array of plant life. Though some are not native (such as the Canary Island palm trees you find growing very old and sick up and down the western coast of the U.S.), there are MANY different trees, flowers, shrubs and succulents found all over Southern California that you just don’t see in the rest of the U.S. (the mid-west, for example).

The Jacaranda tree is my favorite. The magical purple petals stain the sidewalks and roads after they bloom in late Spring. They are painting a beautiful landscape against the ugliness that can also be found here in our city. They certainly do provide much inspiration, and I cannot stop taking photos of them. ♥ Nisi


Oh, jacaranda!lining streets with purple bliss,dreamy petals dance. -NISI