Morning Light

On a day where the bed is a beautiful as the sky

Morning Light | A Haiku Poem by Denise Mckenzie | Nisi Poesy | Creative Writing | Poets of Pinterest


Sky Reflection

Photo taken with Canon ae-1 program in St. George, Utah. It was November, 2015.

Haikus inspired by that time we felt smaller than we were…




Blueberry Skin, Grape Toes

Blueberry Skin, Grape Toes

Painting the color
of your skin,
it is like eating
handfuls of blueberries.
Rubbing down body
blood-purple streak
of tart desire.
Freedom to smash
grapes between toes.
Consume the sun in a field
lighter than air
to float above,
watching dreams come to life.




Meditations from the Mojave

Blank sky / empty and free / only in a distant blue / light streak break the vault / into winding branch /of those arms / reaching infinite / I am not dead here / there is life / scurry scurry / lizard creature / snake that rattles / soul of the desert / sweet dessert of west / we wait for you / always