This may be the only real love poem I have ever written, and the only one I will have to ♥


for my husband and my light, Scott. 

fresh beat path

Time has gone past, at last
fast as the grass I smoke
times that by the booze

I joke for sake of compromise

General face happy to be so

less in between, far less mean
solidify self into considerate
approach, a sentient being

Found my own, fitting the mold

Fleeing together we should grow old

I told you this would be true
beneath trees, no more to do
there is nothing left to lose
but you.



Big Sur, California 2016



Love Fuzz Pt II

Feel the love
fuzz like grapes before wine

Warm wine warns stomachs. There is
no time here among us

Love like hazy OG has taken me

I feel beats like
no other when he kisses me


Love Fuzz

Fall right above me love me corrupt me
In my eyes i see your trying eyes
When I look in clear mirrors
Aura is no secret I glow
I rip my own heart out
So you can keep it
Don’t ever go.


© 2015 Nisi 

Outlines of One Another

Outlines of One Another

Curtains blow sunlight
Shifting face beams of orange-
Yellow stripes from blinds

Delicate across
I surveil yr sleep face stir

A shoulder mole shakes

Yr back hairs stand
Frightened then I imagine
Embrace for shiver

Relief. So peaceful
In such slumber to disrupt

Instead I ponder

How our bodies compliment
Each other’s mirrored.

(For Scott)