A Psychedelic Poetry Reading in Los Angeles

Only 2 days away! Philosopher’s Stone Poetry is hosting A Psychedelic Poetry on the sidewalk in front of Vintage on Venice at the Mar Vista Art Walk this Thursday evening, September 7. We have an awesome line up, featuring 8 poets and 1 musician. We will be selling typewriters too! Come say hi between 6-10 pm to also participate in a community poem that will be read at the Art Bazaar After Party behind Grandview Fine Art Studios. It is going to be a joyfully bend-mending night and we cannot wait to hit the streets with our poets again.

Check out pspoet.org for more information about our poetry non-profit, and follow us on social media (links on website) for updates on events, contests, writing prompts and more.

♥ Nisi

A Psychedelic Poetry Reading at the Mar Vista Art Walk hosted by Philosopher's Stone Poetry | pspoets | Mar Vista, Los Angeles, California

CicLAvia to the Sea- Venice Beach, March 2017

The Mar Vista neighborhood was very pleased to host part of the route for “CicLAvia” to the Sea: Venice Beach. We readied ourselves as a festival-like street affair ensued. The neighborhood came together once again to showcase our artists, musicians, poets and community organizations.

Erika Lane Enggren and I set up our poetry station, using collage and typewriter poetry to create community poems themed around the event. The typewriter poem turned out wonderfully and flows well! The entire poem can be read here. The collage poem is a little more whimsical, and can be read here.

Here are some highlights of the day. Photos by Dan Wynick. Thank you all for supporting us and contributing! ♥ Nisi


Upcoming: ArtWalk

My neighborhood in Los Angeles is having their quarterly Mar Vista ArtWalk. The theme this time is “Voices”. We are bringing our poetic prowess to the streets and sidewalks of our artistic community to share our words and voices. We will be interacting with the artwalkers to encourage them to share their voices with us.

Philosopher’s Stone Poetry will be hosting a reading and setting up typewriters for people to create their very own poem on scratch paper.  I will be reading with them at 7:30. Across the street, a fellow neighborhood poet, Erika Lane Enggren, and I will be creating collective poems with the community using different media.

We will be collaging (making a collage) with words and phrases pieced together as a poem AND we will also have a typewriter set up for people to share their thoughts and voices on a typed scroll, which we will present and read at the after party behind the art studios at 8:45. We will also be sharing our own poetry before the djs and hip-hop artists hit the stage.

What can I say? I am super stoked. I love that I can contribute to my community and am delighted to do it with so many amazing and talented poets, artists and musicians. My life is blessed and this is all pretty rad.

♥ Nisi


Poetry Cards by Nisi

I passed these little card-sized canvases out to fellow poets and listeners who attended Bukwoski Night with Philosopher Stone Poetry at Gravlax in Los Angeles earlier this month. It was fun night with high spirits, sharing our creativity and our souls.

More poetry cards to come! Thanks for the support.

♥ Nisi

Vernal Wraith Dreams Abloom

Never before did I realize,
I had been dreaming of orange trees.

Foretelling a time like this long before
I had one available and  blooming.

It was not until spring had sprung.

Smells of memory, of wafting scents reminiscent,
of what was thought unknown.

Sweet golden suns among white petals,
the grass is sweet here.

Fragrant fresh full of bliss,
aromatic blossoms croon the gale.

Wind grows enchanting
as the garden adjacent glows fruitful.

It was not until spring had sprung.

I realized the grass is sweeter here,
the hummingbirds agree.