Last Reading at Molly Malone’s! What’s Next?

Yesterday was our very last show with Billy Joseph and Philosopher’s Stone Poetry at Molly Malone’s. It has been a fun couple of months heading to West Hollywood on Tuesday nights to perform. I read two poems I am currently working on. One is entitled “Pickled State” and you will probably see it up here soon. I also read a few you can find here:

Cleopatra Oakley Soup
Summer of ’16
Feast of Flies

So what is next? More monthly readings at Gravlax and helping Pspoets edit the third publication. Pspoets is also collaborating on a city art project with the Mar Vista ArtWalk’s Lenore French, local artist Gus Harper and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation. We are very excited about this, and are waiting to see what is to be done next.

By the end of the year, I plan to have my first chapbook complete, so I will also be vigorously rummaging through my journals and organized folders in OneDrive to propose some sort of theme, perhaps, or a disjointed but curated collection (Poems: 2007-2017?)  Once I get through Pspoets’ book I will better understand what I should try to do. Meanwhile, I need to start submitting my work to other online and/or print publications. Have you any suggestions or tips? ♥ NISI


Live Music & Poetry with Billy Joseph & Philosopher's Stone Poetry | Last show! | Nisi Poesy


Balanced Rock – Moab, Utah

This past week my husband, my dog and I traveled to Colorado from Los Angeles. On the way back we stopped briefly to check out Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. When spent two hours there. We could have spent two weeks there, and not have seen or did everything.

It is a beautiful country we live in, and it is heartbreaking that these places of peace and inspiration are so fragile and people / politicians are so careless. We must cherish our national park systems and give back however we can. I am happy to be living in the western United States. Some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring places on earth are in my back yard. I seek them all.



CicLAvia to the Sea- Venice Beach, March 2017

The Mar Vista neighborhood was very pleased to host part of the route for “CicLAvia” to the Sea: Venice Beach. We readied ourselves as a festival-like street affair ensued. The neighborhood came together once again to showcase our artists, musicians, poets and community organizations.

Erika Lane Enggren and I set up our poetry station, using collage and typewriter poetry to create community poems themed around the event. The typewriter poem turned out wonderfully and flows well! The entire poem can be read here. The collage poem is a little more whimsical, and can be read here.

Here are some highlights of the day. Photos by Dan Wynick. Thank you all for supporting us and contributing! ♥ Nisi


Blueberry Skin, Grape Toes

Blueberry Skin, Grape Toes

Painting the color
of your skin,
it is like eating
handfuls of blueberries.
Rubbing down body
blood-purple streak
of tart desire.
Freedom to smash
grapes between toes.
Consume the sun in a field
lighter than air
to float above,
watching dreams come to life.




Meditations from the Mojave

Blank sky / empty and free / only in a distant blue / light streak break the vault / into winding branch /of those arms / reaching infinite / I am not dead here / there is life / scurry scurry / lizard creature / snake that rattles / soul of the desert / sweet dessert of west / we wait for you / always



A Poet’s Guide to the Bars by Kenneth Sonny Donato

This is the first book I bought when I moved to Los Angeles, almost 5 years ago. I thought it would come in handy. Since I have been reading in so many bars lately, I thought I would give it another read for inspiration.

“Unaware/ He offered his drink/ His last solitude/ Ice melting/ Blood brothers that drank hard/ With nothing in sight/ Just guys counting dreams/ Comrades in the night”