I’m So Green & I Love You, Mary Jane.

I like to curl up with a good book, take a few hits and leave this world for a little while. To be engulfed by the story I am reading and to become those characters living lives so different than mine. To know what it is like to be some one else. Marijuana takes me there.

I often smoke a joint in my kitchen/studio, reflect on the paintings I have done hanging on the wall. To get the creative juices going and flowing so I can start a fresh piece, or finish one that has been giving me trouble. Marijuana takes me there.  – Nisi

I usually get a little high before I start writing. The way the words come together in this enhanced state allows me to really get inventive and play around, putting words next to each other that I would not have thought of otherwise. Marijuana takes me there. I'm So Green | I ♥ You, Mary Jane | Poem + Photo by Nisi | Nisi Poesy


Untitled (2010)

It is just money
so step on it.

“Imagine a world
without ourselves
in it”.

I sold my soul


for a hug
or a penny,

it was.



Desert, I dream near
dust of  Mars, spirits sprinkle
flank road of mind’s eye

Embrace not a thing
leap of faith to abandon
bliss be only free


Snow Canyon State Park, St. George,  Utah


To The Future

“god” bless the unveiled children
faces hide behind a dark division

sport uneven broken lines, lies
nothing more to do but giggle

caress the maniac sunset
deflower over low clouds

as motionless words waste away
become a stale sex smell

broken machines of hate and love
pretend not to exist during this

live in an invented kindergarten
cradle Xbox crave infamy

5 hr energy deals the angel of death
the canon of 2011 is 2016

reflect off android screens
touch what is not there

for a second-rate attack
in quest of divine hallucination

dream of trees without shadows
unflavored spaces penetrate essence

pocket-sized escapes from Digi-hell
shattered skull of cellphone reflection

wireless authority wreckage
copulate in heaps of garbage

used batteries, condoms
dead temporary machines

outdated before due dates
saccharine electroblood

dribble from chic body bags
hoard the worms and mud

drip down sidelines
tainted banana sex fiends

machines for our godless kerosene
burn the heart of our defect

bless them, “god”
the unveiled children



Voicemail From My Essential Nature

Hello hello hello
you there?

it is me
your inner being

I forgot to tell you before
everything is going to be okay

breathe breathe
calm calm calm
almost there

zen in automated sessions

spring towards the grey light
embrace fresh rain then sunshine
it came to release you

baptism without religion

only you only me
together we can enjoy the rain

in pure form
find therapy in nature

concrete sidewalks cannot provide
strip malls cannot compete

honestly these palm trees
cannot hold back

let arms throw up and let go

let it flow flow flow
flood our porches and streets

I am here with you
you are here in me too
until we are not

I also forgot to tell you
this is okay too

the “to be not”

striving for that little piece
of heaven

rainbow faints inside the sun

showering candor storms
caboose of serenity

but here I go babbling away
call me when you get this