head in cloudburst

I woke up wanting
to go back to bed
to hear the rain
lull me back to sleep
for a few more hours
acting as though my life
is tough as if I have it
rather rough. Fact is
I make it stuffy for myself
Motivate a monster
who only wishes to be friends
like it is the worse thing 
one could imagine
so think of something
pretty little head
ache with pain and overuse
yearn for small thoughts
instead of all the big ones
existing only to destroy (me)



Smog Frog Revisited

Distracted, frozen like plastic
my hands holding a bizarre atlas

decipher tracks from radioactive pathways

at half-mast a nasty reaction
before losing traction on the freeway

Get out of my way, got to get on way
this city’s invested in congestion

I am bust in my chest beneath my dress

heart and lungs need more resting
so the rest can function under assumption

I can feel it stinging sinuses
dirtier than Linus’ blanket, can’t fake it

narrow sideways earthquake sidewalks make way

littered with the shoe-less and hit-less
wishing waiting weightless float away






Once there was thought to gain visions to live, to create and destroy
Permission to breathe free – A true form of Earth and Peoples———

The Artist’s Vision: A quick wit between the creator’s eye=========
Now time escapes faster than warm breath down dead spines>>>>

Useless – A murky still water always been a blurry chill___________
Thrown into a snowed-in lake sans fur and sun……………………………

Scattered always the eye unfocused, an astigmatic core++++++++++
Left just to see distant stars in time gain light to align tonight^^^^^^^^

Unless distraction dictates and dusk is ours to keep///////////////////////////

©Nisi 2015.