Philosopher’s Stone Poetry: 2 Year Anniversary Reading

Last week was the 2 year anniversary reading with Philosopher’s Stone Poetry at Gravlax. We had a great lineup and a great crowd. There was poetry, music and libations!

It has been an honor to get to know the fellow poets and artists involved with Philosopher’s Stone Poetry. Thank you to Chase Maser, Sergio Cacciotti and Amanda Ortiz for putting together such a great group. I look forward to more awesomeness in the future.

Here are a few photos from the night, courtesy of Dan Wynick. Thank you everyone who has participated and keep writing! ♥ Nisi


Dozy Times

Dream mad please,

better quick like

frantic worship

over what can be

cool drool mist,

smooth sordid chants.

As time whispers,

water will

reveal the storm.



“A Lucid Dream” on canvas with acrylic and oil.


Gotta Start Somewhere

If you are in L.A… Check out 2 of my mixed media collages hanging @venicegrind coffee shop in Mar Vista. Props to @mitchelitoorquiola for hooking it up (artwork featured above mine). Find the artist and the cafe on instagram.




In Which I Fantasize About Blowing Up This Place

Quick to criticize without solution
Broad ideas, narrow minds
Wander in delusion pools of
Occupancy, wonderful
While there is no vacancy
Threats remain and I do not care
Cut the leash and endure this
Yr fresh hardships without me please
No need to have me here when
Miserable technology fails
Blue circle watching
Becomes my full time job
I finished hours ago but
There is no end in sight unless
I cut the cord myself
Set it all free

©Nisi 2015.

The Way It’s Looking

Too eager to die we play hard
prove self or something

Truth serum drips through
leak on thought bubbles

Time after time after years, I don’t know
what time is what adulthood is

We are stuck swimming or drowning
at home in personal video games

Bart Simpson skateboards UFO police hummers
mom’s safe at home with the cats

Where can we keep running?
When can we slow down?

Catch the penultimate buzz of life never
so where we go it does not matter

Caress maniacally  a carnival of bigotry and hate
losing our humanoid egg-heads

Becoming fans of darkness
black spiders spinning webs

Not to realize the magnitude of spirals spun
lost in jest a forever maze.

written in Chicago, 2010.

Cyber Gods

Scrambled man continues
his tropical exhaust pipe dreams,
an ideal world with in-the-know cyber gods,
all interaction requires millions of circuits.

We go for the flow of futuristic American
as a joke hideaway
where reassuring lives captured
are terminally bored in being

The rest say it may be too late to get lost.

Millions of eyes as bullshit
every damn day,

it will cost much.

sElf AwARE

my poem
knows that
he is a poem

just as i
am aware that
i am disaster

which i hope
is a poem

free in form
and empty
of judgement,

fear, catatonia.
he waits for me
to write him

just as i wait
to be written
like him.