Route 66 Haikus (death of dreams)

En route from Las Vegas to L.A., we stopped to explore the detriment of a formerly thriving Route 66 pit-stop in Barstow, California. I snapped a few shots of the closed-down motels with my Canon ae-1 program using Kodak Portra 400. The colors came out vibrant and provide a nice contrast.

Once the freeway projects started in the 1950’s, Route 66 slowly became a dusty after thought. Today the remnants of the American dream are found in places like Barstow, in broken pieces. Dance halls, motels, restaurants and storefronts are now boarded up, abandoned relics of another time.


Minn-Iowa Motel on Route 66 outside Barstow, CA by Nisi with 35mm film, 2017 | Route 66 Haikus (death of dreams) | Nisi Poesy | haiku poetry, traveling route 66, desert photograpy

Welcome Traveler, to fabulous Barstow! Nisi Poesy | traveling Route 66, Route 66 photography, Americana, The American Dream

The Casablanca Inn and a Dance Hall abandoned on Route 66 in Barstow, California. Photos taken with canon ae-1 program, film | Route 66 Haikus (death of dreams) | Nisi Poesy


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