America 2014 and Beyond === Views

Perhaps I have just begun to pay attention
Some time ago another eye opened
Or some time ago I burst through the bubble
Quarantined myself from as much unrivaled pain
Angry confusion as there is in the semi-apocalyptic
Hell-On-Earth sort of feel raw deal.

Do not believe in all that shit, garbage luck
I create my own jazz but the sounds of gunfire,
Weeping mothers, weekly shoot-outs at school,
Babies shooting babies in Indiana and
Kids play pretend to kill kids in Wisconsin
In the name of “Slenderman” a god of sorts

Internet gave birth to death wireless
Now I am connected to all this “The City Of”
Connected to all of the infernal brooding
Becoming one with this Immaculate Conception
Angels crowdfunding at their bests – Help!
Let us keep making this shit up and get rich,


©Nisi 2015.


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